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Students at TCU can earn a certification in sustainability as part of their degree program. This certification program is designed specifically to provide the fundamental science and research behind sustainability issues encountered in today’s world. Thirteen hours of coursework is required spread over four semesters. Courses include basic sustainability concepts, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economics.

Our intent is that students who complete the required courses and earn the certificate will be able to (1) identify and articulate a working knowledge or understanding of the principles that underline sustainability; (2) integrate three aspects of sustainability – environmental, economic, and social – to make informed and responsible decisions in the workplace; and (3) apply these principles of sustainability within industry and the broader world.

We also offer a certificate program in sustainability for those in industry. The goals of this program match those of the academic program outlined above, although the program is delivered and completed over nine months through a series of 12 weekend workshops with concurrent online instruction – perfect for a working professional! The program’s factual grounding enables the recipient to use critical thinking and judgment, backed by a solid understanding of the issues, economics, and social responsibility in corporate decision-making.

For further information, please contact either Dr. Mike Slattery at or Becky Johnson at

In 2009, a group of students from the Neeley Business School conducted a series of interviews with Dr. Mike Slattery, Director of IES, as part of a class project.