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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

TCU’s Institute for Environmental Studies (IES) is a consortium of people from all across campus whose research, teaching, and outreach are directed toward solving problems of the environment. Our mission is to seek interdisciplinary and integrative approaches to define and solve the problems confronting society through excellence in environmental education and research. Our partnerships with environmental non-profits, law firms, government agencies and businesses bring current issues into the classroom. The intent is that students who participate in our initiatives gain a well-rounded understanding of scientific, ethical, political, economic, and social perspectives framing environmental concerns, in addition to completing their traditional degree.

Our Vision

As faculty, we are committed to providing students with cutting-edge information, unique learning experiences, and quality instruction to understand basic earth and environmental processes. We intentionally hire the sharpest minds in business and industry as part of our faculty to teach the skills necessary for our students to manage natural and environmental resources and to meet a range of human needs both at the local and global levels. Ultimately, we strive to provide classroom, research, and field-based experiences that will enable students to become competent scientists and ethical leaders in our profession. We are widely recognized as a leader in innovative and effective environmental education, and our graduates have an outstanding reputation as stewards of the environment.